Why You Should Consider A “Lumpy Mail” Promotional Product For Your Direct Mail Campaign


Nearly 80% of consumers say that they will act on direct mail that interests them immediately, while less than half say the same thing about email.

Direct mail has strong potential to be a key component to most multi-channel marketing campaigns. According to a survey by the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail is the preferred means of contact for consumers when you are promoting a variety of different businesses, including local shops or banks.

Like any marketing channel, the challenge is to cut through the clutter. How can you up the ante and improve your direct mail response rates? Consider including lumpy mail (i.e., a dimensional mailer such as a box, tube or padded envelope) with a promotional product insert as part of your direct mail campaign.

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), about 40% of people who receive a logoed item from a brand with whom they have not previously done business with said they would be more likely to try out this organization in the future.

Finding the lumpy mail promotional product

There are thousands of promotional gifts at every price point that can be a good fit for your brand and your target audience. The key is to strike the right balance between what people will appreciate and use, and something that is easy and affordable to mail.

A study that looked at promotional products and their marketing impact found that more than a quarter of survey respondents indicated that they felt more positively towards a company after receiving a promotional product perceived to cost less than $5. That number rose to over 40% when the perceived value was less than $10.

Good choices for broad mailings might be magnets, pens, notepads, plastic letter openers or calendars. All these items are versatile and can be used by most of the prospects on your mailing list. They are also small enough to send affordably. When you narrow your list to a more targeted audience that is closer to conversion, you can increase the value of the gift.

Sending out promotional gifts with your direct mail can help you attract attention and conversions. If you are hunting for the perfect promotional gifts for any occasion, contact us.

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